Top Destinations for Female Solo Travelers in Amsterdam

Safety is one of the things that come to mind for many female solo travelers. Over the years, we’ve heard so many questions on solo travels including where to stay, what to do, streets not to visit, etc. The uncertainty and fear of the unknown that comes with solo travels can discourage people from traveling alone. However, solo travel can be some sort of mental-health check-in or therapy. And Amsterdam is the perfect place for a solo trip. 


No one wants to visit an insecure destination that needs you to be on your guard 24/7. Where is the fun in that? The city is safe and secure giving you a welcoming vibe. I am not saying there aren’t ‘iffy’ places in the Netherlands but Amsterdam is a perfect destination for a solo novice traveler. 

Public transport

First, the public transport system is very convenient and well organized.  Coming by plain and you need to get to the city center, you can either opt for a taxi or train. A taxi will take you 15-20 minutes but it will cost you 39 euros. Our advice, go for it if you have a thousand plus one bags. A train on the other hand will cost you only 5.40 euros and it will take you about 20 minutes. And you’ll be able to walk to your hotel from the train station. 


Need a place to stay? Well, we’ve got to break it you, staying in the city center will cost you a kidney. This is where public transport comes in handy. Look for a little bit outside the center. The neighborhoods are charming and you’ve got so many options to go with. 


As for the activities to engage in, Amsterdam is a travelers paradise. You have so many options for both historical and modern museums. From the Van Gogh to Rijksmuseum, and Moco museum all of these tickets can be bought online without much hassle. Also, you can check out one of the biggest cultural spots the Amsterdam Museumplein. The zoo and botanical garden lovers can visit the Plantage to enjoy some quiet time with a book or journal. 


Let’s not forget the canal tours. You can opt to take one cruise around the canals or do a hop-on, hop-off trip which costs a bit more but it’s so worth it. And if you want to meet new cool people, join the Booze onboard tours where you bring a snack and booze on the boat. It’s a great way to mingle and break the ice.